The Fray in Oman!

For those of you that don't know, I am a die hard Fray fan.

I've dreamed of going to a Fray concert for years and I've never had the chance. I started listening to them a lot around the time that Ash and I first started dating. I constantly had their cd playing in my little Hyundai Accent or blasting from the speakers of my computer. I was a little obsessed at the time. Their song 'Look After You' was/is my all time favorite Fray song. The song always made me think of my relationship with Ash and I always thought that it would be our 'first dance' song if we had a wedding (disclaimer: we ended up eloping and never had a wedding or a first dance at a reception ... but that's perfectly okay!)

When I heard the official announcement on the radio that the Fray was coming to Muscat, I nearly teared up. Never in a million years did I think I'd get my chance to go to a Fray concert in Muscat, Oman.
I had Ash go off and purchase the tickets and I had them displayed proudly on my piano, anxiously waiting for the day to come. Since Ash isn't a concert type of guy, I invited my bestie, Heather, to join me. I was determined to make her a fan as well ;-)

The day of the concert, The Fray was scheduled to do an appearance at the HI FM radio station. I couldn't decide whether or not to go. I hate having to fight my way through large crowds of people. But Ash reminded me that I'd probably regret not going and that it may be my only opportunity to meet the guys. He had a good point. I went ahead and threw myself together and we hopped in the car and headed to the HI FM studios!

Once we arrived, we joined the cluster of people outside of the studio. If I had to guess, I'd say there were maybe 50 people. Not bad. The Fray ended up being a little late so one of the Dj's came out with a microphone to chat with fans. I ended up being asked what my favorite Fray song was and of course I said 'Look After You'. I was then asked to sing a couple bars of the song over the radio ... and I did :-/ I apologize for anyone that had to hear that.

After waiting around for about 40ish minutes, the band finally arrived and I was the first one to snap a picture with the lead singer, Isaac Slade.

It was a very exciting moment for me. I quickly asked Isaac if he would do me a favor and play 'Look After You'  during that nights set and he

I even convinced Ash to take a picture with me. Can you tell he feels awkward? He was the only white guy there until the Fray showed up. Some fans were even confused and thought he was the lead singer of the band. Poor guy.

I honestly would have never guessed that the Fray would have a following over in the Middle East but they do. They did a little acoustic set at the HI FM studio and I thought it was pretty neat seeing so many different nationalities singing along with a band from Denver, Colorado.

Heather and I got all dolled up that night and headed off to the concert. We had a great time as always and I think she may actually be a fan now!

We were like two old women, critiquing the younger generations attire. I have a feeling that this kid wasn't wearing this shirt to support breast cancer lol.

And towards the end of an awesome concert, they finally played my song. I was a happy girl:-)


  1. Hey! you're the girl who doesn't know where she lives haha, it was an awesome day, great pics!

  2. HiYa!

    We remember you, Great videos!! Glad you enjoyed it, the boys say that Oman was one of the best gigs on the tour this year, they loved the place!!

  3. Fatma, did we meet or did you say your name over the radio? I remember hearing your name when I was at the studio.

    And Hi Fm, does that mean Oman will host more Fray concerts in the future?? I sure hope so ;-)


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