My 4 month old pup, Carlos.

Dogs are like kids and if I had to guess I'd say Carlos is going through his terrible two's. He's getting into so many little things and keeping Ash and I on our toes. He has the funniest personality but can also be a little sneaky brat at times.
I wake up to his face inches away from mine with his favorite rope dangling from his mouth, hoping I'll wrestle it away from him.
We take walks throughout the day and they generally end with me picking him up and carrying him home because he refuses to walk any further.
I spend lots of time with my fingers down his throat trying to retrieve whatever "yucky" items he's decided to consume.
And Carlos likes to prove his dominance by humping my leg anytime he sees fit. I thought it'd be clever to sit on my piano bench and hide my legs underneath the piano keys but instead he latched his ginormous paws onto my shoulders and started humping my back. At this point, I have no idea who's winning the dominance game.

Ay yi yi.

So here's what Carlos has been up to ...

(notice his favorite rope that I mentioned earlier)

but at the end of the day ...

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  1. I love your recent blogs! your pics are beautiful!


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