Postcards from Hawaii

I started working on this particular post a couple weeks ago but ended up being so exhausted and busy that I never had a chance to finish. Since then, we made the long haul back to Oman and have celebrated Christmas and are now anticipating the arrival of 2013. What a crazy month it has been!

Here's what the last few days of our vacation looked like:

  • We arrived back to California around 11pm on a Thursday night.
  • We rented a car and drove to where we were staying and fell asleep around 2am.
  • We woke up at 6am and started the 5 hour drive to Jacks Valley, Nevada to visit with Ash's grandparents. 
  • We arrived around noon.
  • Stayed the night and then woke up at 4:45am to drive 6hrs to the San Francisco airport. This required putting chains on our tires in blizzard like conditions = freezing!
  • We got to the airport, checked in with Lufthansa, and then crossed our fingers that we would make it on the flight. We were flying standby. 
  • The flight was oversold due to previous flight cancellations and we never made it on. Standby can be a blessing and a curse. 
  • We realized there were no options to get us back to Oman, so we purchased tickets on Emirates. 
  • Went back to the Lufthansa ticket counter to retrieve our bags and were disappointed to find out that they had lost them. 
  • We were told our bags were found and that they'd bring them up to us. That resulted in us waiting for an additional 4 hrs.
  • At 8pm we are told that they had made a mistake and they actually had no idea where our bags were.
  • We booked a hotel room.
  • I cried out of anger and exhaustion. 
  • We got to the hotel and vented to the front desk lady and she had pity on us and gave us a discount, toiletries, robes, and free drinks at the bar. 
  • I was happy again. 
  • The next morning we left early in hopes of finding our bags. 
  • After sitting at the Lufthansa ticket counter for  2 more hours, we finally got our bags back. 
  • Ran over and checked in with Emirates. 
  • Boarded and then flew 16 hrs to Dubai.
  • Then flew another hour to Muscat, Oman.
  • 1 am Christmas day, we finally arrived home. 
6 flights, 4 rental cars, and 2 train rides later .... we finally made it back to Oman!

I am so happy to be home again and having a chance to rest and get back into our normal routine. I don't do well when I'm sleep deprived. My mom is the same way, so I get it from her. 

Below are pretty much the only pictures that I took while in Hawaii. I'll make a separate blog post with pictures that Ash's brother and sister took with their iphones. I was so tired while in Hawaii and I found myself not in the mood to take pictures much. I think i had reached my max with traveling.

Ash's sister, Ariel

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