2012 Recap

Farewell 2012! It was an exciting year with lots of highs and some horrible lows but nevertheless, it was eventful.
2012 was like my light at the end of the tunnel. 2011 was a hard year full of adjustment and even some doubts and wondering whether moving to Oman was a good idea or not. I dealt with my share of depression too. But I made it through.

I found new passions in 2012 ... I got to perform an original song, for the first time in years here in Oman (never blogged about that). I continued my Berklee classes and even won a scholarship. I got my dream camera and have learned a ton, including a little photoshop. I got my puppy that I've wanted for a while. And I even made a close friend that made living abroad a lot more bearable.
I was determined to overcome my procrastination, and I did. I lost 30lbs with weight watchers and working out like a crazy person. I even learned how to cook some delicious meals that Ash requests every now and then. We traveled to new places and even filmed an episode for House Hunters International. Crazy!
Overall, 2012 was a year where I challenged myself in many ways. I made it a point to learn new things and to better myself in a positive way. My 2013 plan is to continue what I started in 2012, with a few added resolutions. I want to lose the rest of the weight that I set out to lose in the beginning. I will get my house organized and decorated the way I envision it. And I also have blog goals and photography goals that I'll be working on.
With that being said, here's a little recap in photos that I took throughout 2012.
Here's to another year and remember,  have fun with life!

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  1. Love it, you guys are so cuuuuute :)
    We will make 2013 even more memorable.
    Ps- I'm just leaving my house now x


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