Dolphin Watch - Sidab Sea Tours

I was invited to go dolphin watching as a chaperone on a TAISM high school (The American School) field trip last week. This was my first time dolphin watching and it was pretty cool getting a chance to do it here in Oman. We did the Sidab Sea Tours which launches out of the marina and lasts for about 2 hours. They took us out to the middle of the ocean until our entire boat was surrounded by pods (groups) of Dolphins. It was absolutely beautiful. We floated around for a while, watching the choreography that the dolphins must have rehearsed just for us. Once we were done, our driver (captain or helmsman, maybe?) brought us over by the Al Bustan, Shangri-La hotel and the Muscat Dive Center. It was a gorgeous trip. 
After dolphin watching, one of the students suggested driving up the mountain towards Amarat where he knew of an overlook of the city. You literally can see all of Muscat. If you're in Muscat, go check it out!!! I think it would be pretty cool to see at night. I'll drag Ash up there soon. 
And these were my wonderful tour guides :-)


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  2. It is great to see that you have an interesting sea tour and a great dolphin watch. I have also experience the same journey and had a lot of enjoyable moments during my trip.


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