TAISM International Day

I love The American International School of Muscat (TAISM). TAISM is the American private school for elementary and high school students. I've had the privilege of getting involved with different activities and meeting lots of staff members and students at the school. I highly recommend this school for expat kids. The staff is fantastic and I'm even slightly jealous of all the different opportunities the students have throughout their school year. Come on, how many kids get to visit India for school trips?! I've also been fortunate enough to have found most of my guitar students through TAISM. Having a flyer in the teachers lounge paid off!

One of my favorite days of the year in Oman is TAISM's International Day. I've gone the past 2 years and it's so much fun. International Day is a celebration of sorts of all the different cultures and countries that make up The American International School of Muscat. The soccer field is transformed into the biggest international buffet with approximately 30 booths, each booth representing a different country. Each booth serves a variety of native dishes from the country they are representing. Upon entering the soccer field, you'll purchase raffle tickets which are used to buy your food of choice. It's super super cheap and the food is absolutely delicious and there is plenty to go around. You'll see parents, students and facility all participating in making this event come to life.

This year we had quite the variety of food ... ready for this? Colombian, Thai, Korean, Vietnamese, Mexican, American, Polish and I also stopped over at the sponsors section and got myself a Dairy Cream ice cream. I'm still burning off the calories. (insert sad face.)

All the money is raised and used to go towards the school. It's a wonderful event and I highly recommend it next year to all you Muscateers!

We got a sloppy joe from the American booth ... very patriotic!

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  1. next time your home you will have to cook these plates for us. love ya, Dad


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