5 Things

1. I started piano when I was 12 years old and the first full song that I learned was Fur Elise.... and I literally mean the entire piece. I was completely self taught - I just used the demo version on my keyboard to learn. Most people only learn the very first part of the song that is most familiar. Look it up if you're not familiar with the entire piece, it's insane. I would sit in my room for hours on end working on the same section over and over again. I think it took me almost a year but I finally got it. I can still play most of it but not the whole thing. I taught myself difficult songs on both the guitar and piano right off the bat because I didn't have the patience to learn the basics ... I learned basics later. I also enjoyed peoples reactions when I could play something that should have been way too advanced for me. Now that I'm a guitar teacher, I teach kids pretty much the way I wanted to learn when I was young... and thankfully none of my students have quit or have gotten bored :-)

2. I graduated when I was 16 and no, it wasn't because I was super smart. I was home schooled throughout high-school and I worked really hard to finish up early. Then I left for a Christian school out in Texas for a year. I was really interested in their music program, which brings me to ....

3. I was chosen to be one of the main worship leaders on campus at the tender age of 17. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing and I had never led a band before but no one knew that and I definitely wasn't going to offer that information. Thankfully a couple of my closest friends at the school happened to be amazing musicians and they ended up teaching more than any college class ever has. I'm still grateful for that year ...  I was thrown into something huge and forced to learn fast, and I did.

4. I almost died at 13 of appendicitis. We thought I had the flu, since that had been going around. It       got to the point where I couldn't lift my head without the room spinning and I was in so much pain in my mid section that I couldn't walk and I couldn't hold down any liquids or solids. I lost 20lbs in one week. I was out of school (I wasn't home schooled at the time) for over a month. Thankfully they removed my appendix just in time! I still have a pretty big scar from it too.

5. My first out of the country experience (Canada doesn't count) was Bogota, Colombia (I think that's pretty badass lol). All of my friends back home thought I'd get kidnapped by drug-lords or something. But nope, I survived and had a great time.

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  1. oh scary!! the same thing happened to my cousin last year... she has a huge scar now!


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