Yesterday I blogged a little about the trip that we took to the Grand Canyon in Oman, You+Me+Carlos ... here's a little bit of a continuation of that post. 

We didn't start off the day intending to take a trip but we were in definite need of a day out. We spent the morning trying to figure out where to go and then finally decided to pack some food and take a small road-trip and just see where we would end up. Ash headed out to the grocery store to get some finger foods but ended up coming back with lamb chops, steaks and a small camping grill. We packed a cooler with the meat, waters, fruit and some dog food for Carlos. Once the car was packed and ready to go, we set off towards Nizwa and the journey began. Our day was filled with lots of driving, mountain views, delicious food and one happy puppy. We checked out some wadis that were dried up and ventured down roads that seemed deserted. Carlos was able to roam about free, discover new smells and chase stones. We arrived at the Grand Canyon around 4:30, which is where we decided to cook up the lamb chops and watch the sun set. The temperature was a whopping 10 degrees (Celsius) cooler up the mountain than down below. It was such a nice relief from the oven like temperatures at the base of the mountain. 
I've never been much of a camper but I ended up really enjoying it. We watched the sky change colors while eating our juicy lamb chops and swatting off hungry flies. Carlos didn't want anything to do with his dog food so instead we fed him meat from our plates (which normally is not allowed). Nosey goats walked by causing Carlos' hackles to stand up and take defense. He tries his best to be intimidating but he's just a big love bug. 
Just before the sun went completely down, we packed up our things and headed back down the mountain. We were all exhausted from the afternoon in the sun and were anxious to head home and sleep. I think we all slept pretty solid that night. 

It was a perfect day. 

Checking out his first goat ...

the end. 


  1. Your photos are amazing, and the blog is looking FAB!! xo

  2. i can't get over you doggie!! she's sooo cuuuttee!


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