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I had such a good day yesterday. Ash and I took a well needed trip together that brought us up the Grand Canyon of Oman in Jabal Shams. 2013, so far, hasn't been the smoothest year for us and I'm learning the importance of taking some well needed time with just you and your spouse. It's so easy to get caught up in life's twists and turns or become complacent with just sitting on the couch, looking at your own computer screen for hours on end. It's so important to invest time and energy into your marriage and the little efforts that you make truly go a long way. Spending time with my little family on top of a huge deserted mountain was just what we needed.

We've been on a lot of elaborate vacations over the past 5 years of being together but I'll admit, the most memorable moments with my husband have been the simple moments. I remembered yesterday how much I've always enjoyed riding in the car with Ash. It may sound foolish but I've always enjoyed long trips in the car with him. It forces you to entertain each other and talk and share stories. 
  • We were vacationing in Utah with his dad once. We had a 4 hour drive back to our hotel from Arches. Ash was driving, I was in the passengers seat and his dad was in the back passed out, snoring. We drove down dark winding roads with intense views of mountain silhouettes, while  listening to fuzzy country music that cut in and out. I sang all the words to every song and made impersonations to movies that we've watched and Ash thought it was the funniest thing. I loved it.
  • Or there was the time that we drove along the coast on California's Highway 1, which has some of the most impeccable views. It was my first time along the coast and I think Ash was more than willing to show it off and I loved every minute of it. 
  • Or the time we rented a car in Arizona instead of waiting around the airport for 8 hours until our flight. We changed out of our airline uniforms in the car and switched into normal clothing. Ash drove me around and showed me all the spots he used to hangout. Some places were shut down but he still told me of the fun times that he had. I liked reminiscing with him.
  • Or the time we drove to the tip of Cape Cod because we had nothing better to do at my parents house. When we got to the furthest point we stopped and had fish and chips at some little bar. I remember it being way over priced but I enjoyed showing off my part of the country. 
  • Or the time we woke up at 4am in Nevada to drive to the airport in San Fran. Having to drive out of Jacks Valley in a blizzard was scary enough, let alone having to put snow chains on the tires on the side of the round by a cliff. But it was adventurous and I loved it. 
  • Or the time we drove to Munich from the Rhine on the autobahn in a blizzard. We listened to songs in different languages while we struggled to see the road that was mixed with snow and tail lights. It was awesome. 
  • Or the time we drove to Dubai just to do a favor for a friend. We were both new to the Middle East and didn't know anything about Dubai. We got in a fight once we reached the city because we were both so confused by the highway. But I had a blast. 
  • Or the time we rented a little motorbike in Phuket and we decided to drive all along the coast to find the prettiest beaches. I held onto Ash for dear life as he whizzed through the traffic.  I think we underestimated the intensity of the sun and we definitely didn't consider the pain we'd be feeling in our lower backs afterwards but it was well worth the skin damage and the future back pain. I'd love to do that again. 
And then of course there was yesterday. We drove for two hours there and two hours back and that's not counting all of the driving in between. While I sat in the passengers seat I remembered all the times we've had together and how I missed the simple moments and how I'd like to create more of those memories. My thoughts were quickly interrupted when Carlos decided to jump over the middle console and onto my lap. As heavy and awkward as his body is, I didn't want it any other way. I wanted to make these memories together. All of us.

....and then 40minutes went by and I couldn't feel my thighs anymore because of Carlos' fat body. :-)

more pictures to come. 

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