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I haven't done a music review in almost a year. That's sad. Then again, there aren't many musicians that come along that inspire me enough to feature them. But just recently I came across a rapper that has a unique message, compelling lyrics with an inspiring back story. It's not often that you can describe a rapper in that sort of way. How many rappers do you know actually support (and rap about) same sex marriage? Or a rapper that doesn't glamorize substance abuse and alcoholism?

Let me introduce you to, Macklemore (Ben Hagerty).
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Most of you have probably heard his chart topper song 'Thrift Shop', which I think is hilarious and a great radio friendly song. Honestly if it wasn't for the 'Thrift Shop' song then I may have never heard of Macklemore, which is a sad thought.
Another reason I'm loving Macklemore is that he is a completely independent artist. I am a HUGE
supporter of independent artist and those that are able to really make it without the help of record labels. Watching an artist work their way up and build a fan base makes everything feel so homemade ... and who doesn't prefer homemade over the pre packaged greasy sh**? This is a real artist who has learned his craft and has worked his ass off to get to where he is.
And to continue my reasons of why I love Macklemore, well,  he battled with substance abuse and actually got out. He went through his share of rehab and redirected all of his energy to creating incredible music, and his passion is heard throughout his albums.

Within the past 5 years(ish), Macklemore has partnered with Ryan Lewis and they have become this powerful duo together. Ryan Lewis is a writing partner, helps create beats and lay tracks, photographer and also directs and produces all of Macklemore's music videos. And I am telling you, they are some of the best music videos I have seen in a very long time.
Billboard 100 says " Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are the first duo to take its first two singles to No. 1 in the Hot 100's almost-55-year history."

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The first music video I saw of Macklemore, other than the 'Thrift Shop' video, was of his song 'Otherside'. Ash showed this to me and between the heartfelt reality of the lyrics and the captivating message in the video, I was in tears. It's very powerful ... make sure to listen closely to the lyrics.

And this video is also powerful and beautiful and incredibly moving.

And on a little lighter note, you may have heard this tune on the radio and I absolutely love it.

And since I'm married to a ginger, I really like this song ...

I hope you enjoyed this music review. Go buy their album The Heist and let me know what you think of his music!

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