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Here's a picture of the Grand Mosque just before sunset. I snapped this picture real quick with my iphone as I was driving by on the highway ... and did a little bit of editing, of course.
I remember the first time I saw the big golden dome on top of the mosque - I had just landed in Muscat around 1am. As we were driving on the highway, towards Ghubra, I truly thought the dome was the moon. I feel like a complete idiot for thinking that now but when you're sleep deprived and driving through a foreign country, you can mistake anything for just about anything.
But hey, when Ash first got here, he thought the mosque was a hotel. I guess that's what 20hrs of flight time does to you ... and a lack of research beforehand.

Traveling out to the Middle East from the States is an exhausting trip. But traveling to the Middle East and flying standby is even worse. I started my trip in Boston and then flew to Atlanta, where I would then take a direct flight to Dubai and then hop on another flight to Muscat. Unfortunately when I landed in Atlanta, I found out that the Dubai flight from the previous evening had cancelled due to a maintenance issue... which then would screw up my chances of getting on the Dubai flight for that night.  Nevertheless, I hung around the airport for 9hrs and waited to see if I'd get lucky and make it on. But nope, the gate agents never called my name and I was left in an empty gate holding my guitar and a useless standby ticket.
Thankfully one of the Delta gate agents had pity on me and helped me out as much as he could. He called a local hotel for me and booked me a night and got me a discounted rate. Since I couldn't retrieve any of my luggage, he even gave me a toiletry bag and a Delta t-shirt to wear to bed.
The following morning I had to check out by noon. I headed back to the airport and hung around for another 9hrs and thank the heavens, I made it on. That same gate agent gave me free liquor coupons to use on my flight and also arranged for me to have the whole back row to myself. He was such a sweetheart.
By the time I actually made it to Muscat, I was horribly tired, hungry and had been in the same clothes for 3 days .... and then my bags didn't make it.

...and that is why I thought the dome to the mosque was the moon. 

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  1. i think it's really cool you thought it was a moon. i honestly dont think there's a way to really describe jetlag or the feeling after traveling for so long...


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