My Students

I don't mention a lot about teaching guitar on my blog because I don't want to advertise on here. Most of my students have come by word of mouth, which is what I prefer. I'm lucky to have some incredible students and I wanted to take a moment to brag of their achievements ;-)
I've been teaching regularly for the past couple years now and nothing is more special than seeing the fruit of my labor. One of the biggest challenges with teaching kids is finding ways to keep them interested and engaged. So when a student is eager to sign up for talent show or is excited to play/sing a song for me ... I feel so proud.

This is 13yr old, Ethan. He's been taking guitar lessons with me for about a year now. He recently played his guitar at a recital in front of hundreds of people. I was so happy to have been invited to watch.

And here is 9yr old, Finn. She's absolutely adorable. She's only been playing for about 6months and is already challenging herself by singing and playing guitar at the same time. I find her songs to play from Taylor Swifts, Selena Gomez, One Direction, and Miley Cyrus and she absolutely loves it. Here she is performing 'Who Says' by Selena Gomez....

Love my students ♥

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