Thank You

Holy smokes. I felt the love today.

I cannot get over the amount of personal messages, wall posts, 'likes', status comments, tags, emails, friend requests, etc, that I have received within the past 24hrs. At one point I couldn't even keep up with all of the alerts that I was receiving. I'm overwhelmed by the amount of support that Ash and I have received over our House Hunters International episode. I really want to thank all of our family and friends that have been following along and that stayed up until 10:30pm to watch our 30min episode. Or the people that watched the 1:30am episode (you're troopers!). Or the people that DVR'd and watched it later. Thank you so so so so much.

I actually just saw the episode a few hours ago. One of my friends at the American School hosted a party so that we could all watch the show together. The episode was recorded through slingbox and she played it through a projector for everyone to watch. It was awesome and I really enjoyed it!

And I didn't look fat, lol!! (yes, that was one of my concerns) (typical woman)

I'm really grateful that Ash and I had the opportunity to film an episode for House Hunters International and mainly for our family and friends to finally be able to see what our world is like out here. I have been traveling for such a long time; I originally left home when I was 17 years old. I feel like I've had so many cool experiences and yet I haven't been able to share many with the people closest to me. Sometimes words and pictures aren't enough - sometimes you just want your family and friends there to witness these moments with you. That 30min episode gave my family and friends a chance to see what my house looks like, who my friends are, who I teach guitar to, what Oman looks like ... and that is truly amazing!

And for those of you that I haven't spoken to in years that tuned in and sent me messages, I loved hearing from you all. Thank you so much for all of your support and for taking the time to watch and for all the kind messages.

If you would like to follow on our journey you can click on the 'Join This Site' link in the right hand bar. Or you can follow along on bloglovin. And if you haven't yet, let me know if you've watched. Leave me a comment or send me a message HERE ... I'd love to hear from you :-)

And for more House Hunters International pics click HERE and HERE


  1. We loved this programme when we were living in America and look forward to being able to see your episode when they broadcast here in Oman!

  2. so cool!!!!! congrats on your tv debut! you looked great!


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