Carlos' American Adventure

If you've stopped by my blog within the past month then you've probably noticed the new little icon that I have on the right side of my page ... the one where Carlos is representing the US of A. I'm starting a new series on the blog entitled, 'Carlos' American Adventure' and I'm finally getting around to writing the first post. Carlos and I have been in the States for just about two months and it has been quite the adventure. This is Carlos' first time to the states and I didn't really think ahead of all the many things Carlos would be experiencing for the first time once here. His first night in my hometown, Carlos was very jumpy and easily spooked. When I took him outside at night for a pee, he was scared of the tall silhouettes of trees and the sound they made when they blew in the wind. I had to stay close by him and practically walk side by side in order for him to venture off and pee. We live in a very wooded area so the trees, leaves, pinecones, squirrels, chipmunks, etc., are all brand new to him.

Thankfully it didn't take Carlos very long to adjust. He's loving his American freedom as a dog. Here are just a few reasons how America has benefited Carlos:

  • He can take long walks on the canal and most people want to stop and pet him. Carlos loves any sort of human attention.
  • He can run off leash down paths in the woods. Sometimes he takes off and finds small rivers to jump in ... He doesn't know how to control himself around water.
  • He has a yard to play in! I even bought him a little plastic pool to splash around in, even though he'd much rather jump in my parents pool. 
  • The summer temperatures here in Massachusetts are much more bearable then the summer temps in Oman!
  • and there are plenty of pet stores to choose from so that I can buy all the toys and treats that I want to spoil my little boy with. 

      For those of you wanting to know my experience with exporting my dog out of Oman and importing him into America, I'll be posting a piece under my F.A.Q




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