I sang with One Republic

... and I'm still pinching myself.

Ok, let's back track a bit. I've been a huge fan of One Republic and Ryan Tedder (the lead singer) for years and years. It seems like everything Ryan has been a part of has turned to magic; whether it be vocals, songwriting, producing, etc ... just pure m.a.g.i.c. What I would give to pick his brain for a day! And if you click on my Bucket List and scroll down to #21, you'll see that meeting Ryan Tedder has always been a dream of mine.
So now that I've laid the foundation for this post, I can continue on ...

The past 3 months have been pretty hard on me. Unfortunately life isn't always peachy and wonderful; sometimes it's messy, painful and hard to handle and that's exactly how it has been for me. Throughout all of my current challenges I'm still pursuing things that bring me joy in life. I'm a very stubborn, gutsy and determined person, and that will never change. So in the middle of everything going on, I've continued to find my outlets. I've auditioned for a couple talent competitions this summer, including American Idol (maybe I'll do a separate post about that). Once again, I didn't make it, which I think I took a little harder than I expected. There were a few other things that I set out to do this summer that also never panned out for me. About 4 days before the concert I was in my first car accident (thank god it wasn't my fault) and I actually got a minor concussion from it. It just seemed like my streak of bad luck had no ending in sight.

I was wanting to see One Republic in Dubai this past February but I never got the chance, so when I saw that they were coming to the Cape Cod Melody Tent (about a 25min drive from my parents house), I knew that flying all the way back to the States would be well worth my time. The Melody Tent is a pretty small venue and it's a more intimate setting than the huge arenas, so it was surprising to see such a well known band scheduled for a night there.

A couple nights before the show I noticed that One Republic was selling VIP tickets (in addition to the concert tickets), which included a meet & greet, a goodie bag, and sitting in on their soundcheck. I figured that that would guarantee my shaking of hands, possible hug, and picture with Ryan Tedder. So I bought it.

During my ride over to the venue I started to get a bit nervous knowing that one of my biggest dreams would actually be coming true.  There were probably about 25 other hopefuls that also purchased the VIP tickets that waited anxiously by the entrance. When we were finally ushered into the venue, we were quickly seated directly in the front of the stage where the band was rehearsing. I was a little bummed to see that Ryan Tedder didn't make it to soundcheck, although, after purchasing the VIP tickets, I was informed that possibly not all band members would be present during rehearsals. Oh well...

But wait, Ryan Tedder's mic levels would still need to be adjusted, right? Yup. Sure enough, they were needing someone to sing so I decided that I'd volunteer. Why not, right? Even if I were to screech my way thru and fall flat on my face with my skirt flying up in the air, I could still say that I sang with One Republic ... and not many people without recording contracts can say that.
I walked up on stage, met the guys real quick, apologized before hand that I probably wouldn't know all the lyrics off the top of my head, someone gave me their iphone with the lyrics to Stop & Stare and then the famous guitar intro started and I sang my heart out.

It was the quickest 4minutes of my life and something I wish I could  do again. It was insane to have a song that I've listened to, god only knows how many times, being played around me by the musicians who created it ... and I was singing! I still can't believe that this happened to me.

When I sang the very last line, everyone erupted into cheers and I was in complete shock and I hadn't fully processed what had just taken place. I got compliments, handshakes and high fives from the band and then I was helped off the stage and back to my seat.
Afterwards, I was told that I was only the second person to have ever sung with the band in that sort of way and how big of a deal it was.  No shit, my brain may not have caught up with what had just happened but I knew how big of a deal it was.

About 3 hours later we had our official meet & greet with the band. They had all of us fans line up and one at a time a fan would go up and take a picture with the band. I was at the very end of the line, trying to think of what I'd say with the two minutes I'd have with Ryan Tedder. It didn't matter that I had waited years for this moment, I couldn't think of one thing to say to Ryan, who was now standing about 10ft away from me. The band was super friendly to me and quickly introduced me to Ryan as "the singer that covered for you!". Ryan thanked me and I responded with, "anytime!" I then got my handshake/hug from Ryan and my picture with the band. And I was on cloud 9.

The concert was amazing, just like I expected it to be. It was one of the greatest nights and one that I will never forget.

I don't feel like this was at all a coincidence but very well meant to be. For one night, I was able to forget about all the crazy things going on in my life. I guess I'm learning that amazing things can happen even amidst our storms in life. I never thought that I'd be checking off a dream on my bucket list during the summer of 2013 but I have. Do you even know what the song Stop & Stare is about? ... This is taken from a direct quote from the band, "Stop and Stare describes the common frustration of getting to a place in life where you think, "How in the world did I end up 
here, this isn't where I wanted to be, and watching what I wanted pass me by."

.... Oh the irony. I couldn't phrase my current outlook on life any better.

Now go make yourself a Bucket List!

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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHawlnTfqAk what do you think of this?

  2. Well done that's really cool. Hope you are feeling better after your car crash.
    Hopefully your luck will change very soon and remember what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger x


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